The Red Zone: Defense? What Defense?

Broncos 34, Saints 32 – Best game of the week because of the offensive explosion and drama after Denver jumped out to a 21-3 lead: the defense was completely vulnerable to the big play, and Drew Brees threw for more than 400 yards (Reggie Bush had 2 TDs and more than 100 all-purpose yards).  A botched two-point conversion and an errant kick by Martin Gramatica blew the game for the Saints.  The Broncos are a precarious 3-0 (and they will be 4-0; next week brings the awful Chiefs) that needs to develop a pass rush, still.

Bills 24, Raiders 23 – Oddly enough, this game did not suck until the end, because the Raider defense was actually playing really lockdown for three quarters. Trent Edwards managed the game, got the ball to Marshawn Lynch, and drove down for the last field goal with two seconds left on the clock.

Vikings 20, Panthers 10 – The Gus Frerotte Experiment works for the first week after a real crap first quarter, but don’t worry, this will falter too. The Minnesota defense can’t be all good all the time.

Redskins 24, Cardinals 17 – Mostly a game of QBs with good WRs slingin’ it. Clinton Portis had his 69 yards and a score, but it was about Jason Campbell hitting for two touchdowns and throwing for 250+ yards — oh, and a late pick by Carlos Rogers, oft the bane of D.C. fans.

Giants 26, Bengals 23 – An OT finish thanks to back to back scoring as the two teams traded blows, but then Eli Manning hit Amani Toomer down the field in OT, allowing John Carney to hit the winning FG.

Bucs 27, Bears 24 – Same kind of deal, except a little different: Brian Griese wound up throwing 60 times in this game when the running game fell flat, leading Tampa down the field for a game-tying score to Jerramy Stevens at the end of regulation, then doing it again to get Matt Bryant in position to kick the game winning FG.

Dolphins 38, Patriots 13 – Miami trounces New England’s regular-season unbeaten streak thanks to a performance from Ronnie Brown that could be viewed as otherworldly — 4 TDs rushing, 113 yards, threw for another touchdown out of the single wing option formation.  Chad Pennington, when not splitting out wide in the single-wing, happened to complete 85 percent of his passes for 220+ yards.  Joey Porter made good on his prediction by sacking Matt Cassel three times.

Titans 31, Texans 12 – The only positive for Houston: Steve Slaton getting his 100+ and scoring. Matt Schaub looked like a deer in headlights.

Seahawks 37, Rams 13 – So, I was wrong. The Seahawks aren’t as awful as they looked. They still destroyed the obviously crappy St. Louis team.

49ers 31, Lions 13 – Detroit: still the suckiest sucks that ever sucked in the NFC.

Falcons 38, Chiefs 14 – “With the first pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, the Kansas City Chiefs select…”  Oh, and Michael Turner got another three touchdowns.

Ravens 28, Browns 10 – The Romeo Crennel Death Watch continues.  I give Derek Anderson one more week before he gets yanked for Brady Quinn, although anyone who thought Braylon Edwards would be having a down season gets to raise their hand.  Kellen Winslow is a good receiver, but he can’t be the top one on the team.

Eagles 15, Steelers 6 – Ben Roethlisberger has to be incredibly sore. Getting sacked eight times will do that to you. Fantasy owners all over the land are praying that Brian Westbrook is not seriously hurt.

Jaguars 23, Colts 21 – The Indy offense looked better, but without Bob Sanders, its defense can’t stop runners.  Jacksonville is not playing very well, so there will be fits and starts, but that rushing got them back there and in position to kick the winning FG.

Cowboys 27, Packers 16 – You can’t stay in the game with Dallas if you’re gonna kick FGs instead of score touchdowns. The Cowboys are too prolific and have too many weapons on offense, and that’s what happened to Green Bay.  Terrell Owens was covered all night, but unless you have 12 or 13 defenders on the field, a dangerous Cowboy will be open.  Thus, Marion Barber runs all over the line, and Felix Jones also gets his yards.


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