Mile High Comedown

After writing a post earlier this year on the abject mistake West Fuckin’ Virginia University made when it decided to hire Bill Stewart to replace Rich Rodriguez and engage in the war of words regarding both men like a jilted lover who was drunk dialing the ex every damn night, I got a couple of pleasant e-mails from two or three WVU devotees who professed the smart hire of having someone who was truly all about West Virginia run the program, and it wouldn’t skip a beat.

So, after losing in OT to Dan Hawkins and his MAJESTIC BUFFALOES (TM Snarkastic) in Boulder, I have only this: TOLD. YOU. SO.

There is still a possibility that the Mountaineers can win the Big East and sneak their way back into a BCS bowl game, but after watching South Florida beat Kansas, that looks less likely to me. We’re talking about a team with only 43 passing yards, who should never have been down 14-0 to Colorado at any point. Yes, the Buffaloes are better than we all think or had a right to expect, but by talent on the field alone, WVU should have been out in front in this game.

The defense did stiffen and get better in the second half, but then the offense sputtered after tying it up, racking up needless penalties (discipline problem, absolutely on the coach) and rotated in a series of bad plays calls (a 3rd and short with Noel Devine on the bench, the comically underthrown ball on that lateral pass in the 4th), and it became somewhat obvious that if this game got to overtime, WVU wouldn’t be able to suck out a win.

They lost in the most agonizing way possible: watching a gimme putt of an FG by Pat McAfee go 404 ERROR off the left upright, leaving the Buffaloes to nail their FG for the 17-14 victory. Now, I’m pretty sure WVU should be able to even out and put Rutgers away, but Cincinnati and USF? No, and let’s not even joke about the game they’ll be playing at Jordan Hare soon.  If Auburn turns it into a 6-3 slogfest, I wouldn’t be surprised — that’s how inept the ‘Eers looked. It’s a waste of Pat White’s talent, although his rushing did look good, as usual. He may have been better off going to the NFL and accepting a move to wide receiver or safety.

As for the Buffs — well, a schedule with Florida State, Texas and Missouri on it isn’t anyone’s idea of fun, and I’d say they’re losing at lleast two out of three, although the Longhorns do have to come north.  But, Hawkins is teaching his son Cody and the rest of the team how to win. That’s a growing process, and a recruiting process too. This was a night where two programs crossed paths, heading in different directions, and the Morgantown faithful may have two more losses or so in them before real questions are asked about the man who got a six-year extension without any track record.


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