Quarterback Follies

So, we now have two cases of quarterback switches in this very young NFL season: Tarvaris Jackson is being replaced by Gus Frerotte and Vince Young, with his recent troubles, is taking a backseat to Kerry Collins until the former Giant and Raider slips up.

We’ll deal with Jackson first, because this is entirely on head coach Brad Childress: I believe Jackson has the raw skills to be a good QB in the NFL, but he’s being rushed along too quickly and Childress’ playcalling is quite possibly the most conservative and boring I’ve seen in some time.  If receivers aren’t getting open and the D-coordinators can peg on the bootleg pass from Jackson, that’s the fault of the guy calling the plays.

Frerotte isn’t fixing that. That’s pretty simple, in and of itself, and it looks really, really bad that the team’s management wouldn’t pursue a more experienced and better back-up for this exact situation.

Young’s situation is a bit more, well, complex, obviously, because it involves mental health, and some very tough accusations about his character and desire to play — as well as his draft status back in 2006.  I believe Young can and will come back from this; he is a very unique athlete and still has the potential to be a very good quarterback. I’m with Bill Rhoden on this one: he should figure out where his place in the game is, and maybe learn from the men who came before him in this unique position of “black quarterback.” His struggles may also have something to do with the classic “spread to pro-style” change that plagues a lot of QBs, particularly those with singular ability to get out of the pocket like Young.

But in every aspect, I want to see VY back on the field and starting soon, hopefully better than ever and over any incidents where he was accused of quitting on the team.


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