Cheap Shots: Whitlock’s Blind Spot

As usual, email addy’s on the left.

  • Jason Whitlock shouldn’t write about Vince Young without taking that bit of Jeff George out of his eye first. [Sports on My Mind]
  • The hurlers that screw your fantasy baseball team. [Simon on Sports]
  • Mmmmm….chicken on skewers. [Playing The Field]
  • You stay classy, PIscataway. [Larry Brown Sports]
  • Losing your shirt sponsor because they’re going broke is not a good thing. [Unprofessional Foul]
  • Shouldn’t LSU be banned from scheduling a double-frosted cupcake like North Texas? Seems so after reading this. [The Wiz of Odds]
  • Marco and Eric are chronicling the college basketball best in the country, state by state. Catch up if you’ve not been paying attention. [Storming the Floor]
  • Which lousy baseball team would you prefer to be a fan of at this time? Royals or Pirates? [The Legend of Cecilio Guante]

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