Cheap Shots: Honoring A Legend

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  • Don Haskins passed away; if you don’t know who he is, find out. [The Starting Five]
  • USC Song Girls vs. UCLA cheerleaders? [Rumors and Rants]
  • TSW brings the Friday Football Foodie back; I link to it way too late for last week’s action. [Playing the Field]
  • The inevitable NFL teams comparison to Lost characters. [18 to 88]
  • Considering how being nice got Jim Zorn a loss last week, maybe this display of his coaching style isn’t the right way to go. [Dave’s Football Blog]
  • The Rays are, apparently, fucked. [The Big Picture]
  • Apparently Tom Brady’s injury could shift $150 million in fantasy prize money. [Sports Biz with Darren Rovell]
  • Explaining Jamie Moyer still being good at 46. [Crashburn Alley]
  • We’re still trying to figure out why Lance Armstrong is bothering to return to racing. At least he will be coming throw my part of town next year for the Tour of California. [VeloNews]
  • And finally, Holly and Livia have resumed their college football Top Tens, and the season debut is spectacular. [Snarkastic]

2 Responses

  1. Condolences to the Haskins family and friends. Even though he eventually got his “attaboys”, I never thought that The Bear never got enough credit for what he did for college basketball.

    And as far as the NFL/Lost comparisons go, I think the Rams are more like the pilot of Oceanic 815; you know they’re not going to survive the season.

  2. Nice job in recognizing Haskins….

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