War Pornographers

I swear I didn’t hear anything interesting or new out of John McCain; I suppose that was left up to his surrogates to do the heavy work in terms of speeches.

This is the basic speech he can give and he did it well enough; he’s never been a great speaker and the fact that the backdrop for the whole convention has been a blue screen with a flag waving in the background didn’t help. I expected him to tell me about the weather forecast any minute. I know the GOP scaled back the set a little to play to McCain’s strengths in town halls, but you’ve got to put some thought into the design.

What the final night of the GOP convention should be remembered for was breaking the taboo of using 9/11 footage in a campaign context.

McCain signed off on this, the GOP signed off, and Keith Olbermann, despite his giving in to full-on blowhard much more on his show than I was used to when I was a regular viewer, describes the tackiness of the use of the footage accurately.

Thousands of people did not die in a horrific attack to be used seven years later as pornography for a political party that supported an ill-advised decision to invade a country that had no hand in the attacks of September 11th, 2001. They didn’t die so Rudy Giuliani could exploit it on his resume and recite it like a mantra or a bad case of Tourette’s. Those people’s memories deserve better than to be the spank material for a party whose leadership is in thrall to scaring the shit out the rest of us, thriving on innate fear.

Cynical, disgusting, and tasteless.


7 Responses

  1. How is up there on your ivory tower?

  2. Dan – it’s very comfortable, and the service is prompt.

  3. If only the likes of YOU had died in those attacks, then they would be truly something to celebrate in such a fashion.

  4. Oh wait, I forgot, the likes of you DID die in the attacks. Nineteen of them, to be exact.

  5. Yes, ’tis I, a terrorist out to destroy your way of life. Dumb as a post, aren’t you?

    Exploitation of a national tragedy for political gain apparently isn’t a big deal to you.

  6. It IS a big deal to me, but only when it’s Democrats exploiting Katrina. 9/11 isn’t a big deal.

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