The Schoolmarm Is Banking On Your Supposed Stupidity

(Again, excuse our politics.)

This woman really thinks you’re all morons. Every single last one of you.  Sarah Palin, with a Bush-aide-written speech, decided to tout several things in her attack dog role against Barack Obama’s campaign.

  • Her supposed executive experience as mayor of a small-ass town and a state with a very low population
  • The idiotic fallacy of continuing the Iraq War until some abstract concept of “victory”
  • Obama’s saying one thing and then another (referencing the old “bitter people turn to guns and religion” bullshit)
  • She is somehow a candidate of “reform” to change the entrenched Washington interests, as is John McCain

Reform, my ass.  Palin is tied to Alaska Senator Ted Stevens — the same one tied up on federal charges that he’s currently fighting while running, of course, for re-election.  Drilling for oil in Alaska is not energy reform or independence — it’s continuing a stupid depndence upon oil in general, just spreading the drilling further into our own lands.  This is why Palin thinks you’re a moron: she and the rest of the GOP sincerely believe that drilling for oil (or at least are cynical enough to proffer the idea) will give Americans relief from gas prices in the near future.

As for Obama’s double talk: better he say two things in different cities than be a member of a party that has consistently lied to your face for eight years about the rationale for the Iraq War, denied that we were in a recession, and even called you “whiners.”  So much of Palin’s talk and that of the rest of the speakers is about McCain’s “maverick” status — yeah, guess they loved that so much back in 2000, when they decided George W. Bush was a better option that hewed to the party bosses’ line.  Now, after McCain has his “come to Jesus” moment on the Iraq War and every Bush tax cut, he’s a maverick once again.

Oh, and about saying one thing and doing another, Ms. Palin: how’s about that Bridge to Nowhere? Were you for it before you were against it?

Three little words about McCain’s economic maverick status and “Washington outsider” and agent of change: The Keating Five.  The Psychogeezer manages to scrape by without mention of the 80s S&L scandal now. He was officially criticzed for “poor judgment.”  And we’re expected to trust him with the economy? Never mind that the Republicans have let the debt spiral thanks to the magic of thinking tax cuts solve everything; that government does no good — except when the government is growing to support their preferred policies.  The lie that Palin, Mitt Romney, and every speaker up there spouts as if it were dogma is that the Republicans will reduce the size of government. They reduce the size of good government, because they don’t believe it can do any good.

I love how an entire party platform can be based on hating people who happen to live in urban America.  Palin whipped out the old “San Francisco” chestnut to deride liberalism; Romney’s face scrunched up at even saying the word “liberal” and “elite”, linking them with big, American cities — yet God forbid you ever make a “flyover country” joke.

Back to our Alaskan schoolmarm, though — with all that economic good she did in Alaska that she talks about, I suppose teenage mothers who aren’t lucky enough to have the support system that her daughter Bristol does don’t deserve the help: Palin cut funding for one such program with a line-item veto. Same old bullshit: a life is valuable until it leaves the womb. After that, you’re shit out of luck, girl. This is why Palin’s family is relevant — and all the bitching about media attacks on her being about sexism are crap because when her personal policies fail her 17-year old daughter and she wants to impose them on the rest of us,  her family becomes the public’s business. (By the way, those critiques are being spouted by the same idiots who said Hillary Clinton had no right to gripe about sexism by the media.)

This woman wants to control wombs by advocating education policies that lack accurate information about sex and how to prevent pregnancies and STDs.  No education, no birth control, only fucking when you’re married.

Then, we have the wonderfully decrepit remarks of Rudolph Giuliani, who was doing so damned well early on, but like a drunk who completed the 12-step program who’s handed a bottle after an hour of breaking down to peer pressure, he couldn’t get through the damn thing without a flurry of “9/11″s that makes it seem as if he’s got a form of World Trade Center Tourette’s.

The amusing thing is that an authoritarian libertine like Rudy (gay friends, three wives, kids who hate his guts) can jab at Obama as a “cosmopolitan” raised by a single mother and not have his head explode all over the stage.

Ah, typical. Nothing but smug, self-satisfied sarcasm, oozing from the pores of every speaker on Wednesday night.  They really think we’re all that stupid.

And finally, I saw several signs that said “Hockey Moms For Palin” in the audience. What the fuck did hockey ever do to deserve this?


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  1. I thought about this for awhile after watching Palin’s speech, and something was suddenly very clear to me: I grew up in a town of about 5,000 year-round residents (which doesn’t even have a mayor, because it is an unnecessary position in a town of that size) . My mother served on the school board for several years. She is just about as qualified to be vice-president of the United States as Sarah Palin is.

    The great thing about Giuliani’s speech was the way he threw 9/11 out there. It was almost like he was satirizing himself.

    I didn’t watch the DNC, so I can’t compare, but I will say this: too much sarcasm last night. Way too much.

    I loved when one section pulled out those “Hockey Moms For Palin”, she paused as if expecting a huge swell of applause, and…nothing.

    One last thought: why the hell was Trig there? She would have accomplished more by keeping her four-month-old with Down Syndrome home, where he belonged at that hour, than she did by having him in a noisy convention center for the sole purpose of showing him off.

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