One More Palin Note: Race and Class Baiting

If I didn’t mark this earlier, one of the bits the Republicans spit on hard last night was Barack Obama’s past work as a community organizer on the South Side of Chicago — not only in terms of experience, but in terms of whether it was valuable, useful work — that’s how much sarcasm they used wit the words, as if “community organizer” was not legitimate work. It isn’t, as far as that party is concerned, because it’s associated with — surprise, surprise — unions, black people, and politics that oppose corporate domination of every factor of our lives.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a community organizer. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, whatever you may think of them now, are and have been organizers.  People have led rallies and funds to help the poor and lower-middle class in urban communities pool their resources, organize, etc., and the Republicans have nothing but contempt for such actions because they are much more in thrall to the corporate view of America.

Trouble is, as Al Giordano marks at Field Notes, there are plenty of organizers in small towns and big cities, and you just took a swipe at them and the people they help. He provides video of CNN commentator Roland Martin, whose parents were “community organizers.”

You wanna degrade working on behalf of the poor and worse-off, GOP?  Have at it. I guess they found a new way to race and class bait. Whenever a GOP member talks about Democrats doing the whole “class war” thing, take it with a grain of salt.


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  1. The Republicans have always been the more racist and class-conscious group; take it from someone who has seen it live and in color, no pun intended, having lived in the late Jerry Falwell’s hometown for all but the first eight of my 56 years. Despite his protestations to the contrary, Falwell and his flock were, and still are in many instances, just a notch or two below the KKK(he started his own “private” *coughwhitesonlycough* school shortly after desegregation took place here in 1970).
    We were also the wealthiest city, per capita, in America for most of the 60s and 70s, and more often than not, it felt like there was a literal caste system in place. The people with the most money, power, and disdain for blacks and the “less fortunate” ? Republicans, of course.

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