“And Now, The Senator From MBNA Has The Floor.”

And, apparently, a spot on the Democratic ticket.

It’s not that I hate or actively dislike Joe Biden. He’s probably what the Obama camp is looking for in terms of an attack dog and someone who knows foreign policy. two things Barack Obama has not shown himself to be the most proficient at (at least in the media’s point of view.) Biden makes the veep debates instant viewing for pure psychosis alone.

Please, oh please, let the psychogeezer McCain select someone like Joe Lieberman as a running mate. Those debates would be endelessly amusing.

But Biden was one of the big boys behind the bankruptcy reform bill that essentially made it more difficult to declare bankruptcy, continuing to stack the deck in favor of credit card companies with predatory lending and card-issuing practices, thus. I’m not going to expect any sort of meaningful economic reform if this ticket is elected.

And honestly, I’m with Holly on this one: Wes Clark’s decree that POW status didn’t qualify John McCain to be president was still the right thing to say. Too bad no one in the campaign seems to believe it, and went with the least unknown out of a set of candidates that were tiny blips at best.

Not like I won’t vote for this ticket over the old crank on the GOP side. And hey, at least it wasn’t Hillary Clinton, much as her kamikaze die-hards (partially a media creation) will gripe about how she earned a spot on this ticket, but — yeah, just kind of non-plussed about the whole mess, except for the fact that the wolves are already trying to sink their teeth in — when did this kind of crap analysis start being issued by the Associated Fucking Press?

Now, for pure entertainment value, please, oh please, let McCain choose Lieberman or Mitt Romney. Love to see Republicans twist themselves in knots over a Mormon on the ticket.


4 Responses


    That is all.

  2. Oh, and did I forget that Biden is Mr. Three-State-Solution in Iraq?

    Like all three sides will leave each other alone. Right.

  3. while I dont belive being a POW earns anyone the right to be president, but when a fool like Clark opens his mouth, it helps if the fact he was fired as a NATO supreme commander and had ordered the Brits to fire upon the Russians.
    But then again it doesnt matter what Clark says as it seems the far left is scaring the Dems into a platform that is gonna be a loser. This is an election the Dems should win, but they are doing everything in their power to lose it yet again

  4. Oh man, Wes Clark love is rather disturbing from Democrats. If the man had an iota of competence, he’d be President by now, given he’s America’s only known Democratic general. :-p Man’s as popular and rare as a black family-values Republican!

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