Please, Let My Post-Season Baseball Dreams Come True

Please, oh please let both the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox miss the playoffs for the first time in more than a decade.  We all would love to find out whom ESPN will pick to obsess over if this happens; there will be utter amazement and confusion in the halls of Bristol, as they determine which team’s cock they have to ride hard for October without any sense of shame. The Yankees are already out of it (sending out Sidney Ponson to get hammered by Toronto and saying Carl Pavano is starting on Saturday is waving the white flag.)  Boston has a better shot, but Tampa Bay is not swooning like they were supposed to with Evan Longoria out for a short time and Carl Crawford done for the season. I’m betting that the playoffs will consist of the Angels, Rays, White Sox, and Twins (take your pick as to which AL Central team is the division winner and which one is the Wild Card.) Chicago-Minny would be the better ALCS for media and interest purposes, Angels-Rays would be better baseball.

Please, let the Mets hold up this year. That goes without saying, but somehow the team has been able to survive through a bullpen that somehow got worse than last year and has gone without Billy Wagner for stretches of time.  I am rooting for Carlos Delgado to continue to produce at the plate, if only to get another season out of him and also avoid jumping into the oversized offer-fest that will be the Mark Teixeira Derby (if the Angels get to the Series, I expect Tex to stay in Orange County.)  Besides, the Phillies pitching has been crap at bad times — like it has been all season.

I can’t believe I’m writing this — but please, let the Dodgers somehow manage to nab the NL West. The post-season isn’t as interesting without Manny Ramirez in it, and the dysfunctional characters that make up the Bums’ clubhouse these days are necessary — and much more interesting than the Arizona Diamondbacks, who have the better pitching by far. Thing is, the Dodgers’ arms are the ones that are going to have to power them into the playoffs if Brandon Webb and Dan Haren are going to be the damn near automatic wins for the D-backs that they have been. I don’t think adding Greg Maddux is quite enough; he can only go five innings a start these days.

NL playoffs?  Mets, Dodgers, Cubs, Brewers, I hope.  That’d be Cubs-Dodgers and Mets-Brewers, in the opening round. Am I crazy for thinking that the NL playoffs, if the scenario outlined for the AL above came to pass, would be more interesting?


3 Responses

  1. I am completely with you. I hope they are in agony during October because they missed it.

  2. Right on. I have similar sentiments, as noted in this post:

    Hope it’s not gauche to leave link, as I’m relatively new to WordPress.

  3. I agree, it is time for someone else to get a shot at buying a World Series..

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