Think Of It As One Less Site You Have To Read For A Few Days

If you haven’t noticed the paucity of my written work around here or anywhere else already, well, let me make it semi-official: this place is on hiatus for a few days. I’ve been working graveyard for about a month and I’ve got about a week left, hopefully — but it’s taken everything out of me right now, and this week appears to have meetings after the shift every damn day.

I may have something on the Olympics or whatnot over the weekend, but hopefully I’ll be back sleeping like a normal person (at night) soon and I can write again without feeling like it’s cutting into the rest of my responsibilities.

(Yes, I realize it’s kinda arrogant to write a note like this. These are usually for blogs with a much larger audience, but the few of you who read consistently deserve an explanation.)


2 Responses

  1. Your a better blogger than I am. I’ve had a half-written variation of this post in my drafts folder since May.

  2. It’s not arrogant at all. Thanks for the update.

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