Left Field Wacko To The Left Coast

Any time a team like the Red Sox is dumb enough to give up one of the sluggers that made the team what it was for cheap, you go get him, not matter what the logjam in the outfield is.  This is the mindset that brings Manny Ramirez to L.A. with the Dodgers not having to pick up a cent of the rest of his salary — and giving up two minor leaguers in return. Did Boston just screw themselves over by dealing Manny for what turned out to be Jason Bay? Quite possibly, unless J.D. Drew can stay out of the slump zone (and that’s never a guarantee.)

However, this trade only works for the Dodgers if (and that is a big fucking IF) both Joe Torre and GM Ned Colletti can see the light and place Andruw Jones and Juan Pierre square on the bench where they belong. I’m counting on they fact that they’re dumb enough not to do that.

With regard to Ken Griffey, Jr. going to the White Sox — this is not one I grok, other than GM Kenny Williams’ supposed mancrush on the outfielder. It looks like it involves rotating Griffey, Nick Swisher, Paul Konerko, and Jim Thome in and out depending on the day, because Swisher isn’t much of a center fielder and Konerko has been slump-prone at first this year.  I’m not sure it stops the White Sox from getting to the playoffs, but it doesn’t add much of what they need, either.

Photo: Jim Rogash/Getty Images


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