You Know What Bad Fantasy Football Advice Needs? Breasts.

And that advice should be delivered by women with augmentation in skimpy fucking halter tops, cut-up unis (I shit you not, the promo video had one of them in a Jeremy Shockey Giants jersey), and even a pink Arizona Cardinals top. (Consider me surprised that Arizona has enough fans to even bother selling pink merch, which I hate for reasons I’ve stated here and elsewhere.)

EDSBS has rightfully mocked it, D-Wil at Sports on My Mind has succinctly bashed it, and one of the FanHouse’s co-creators thinks it’s incredibly poor content: it’s Fanhouse’s partnership with Fantasy Sports Girl, to give us one of the more base pandering (and patronizing) efforts in this miasma called sports blogging: getting eyes and hits through pretending to give valuable information delivered by hot pin-ups (or at least the popular definition of what passes for “hot” right now.)

Why am I not surprised that the folks behind FSG are, as the promo video tells us, long-time television producers (and apparently Emmy winners) who know what draws eyeballs? Yes, this essential service is now available for those of you too lazy to flip browser tabs between the fantasy articles in one side and the pornography in the other.

The sad part is that the Fanhouse had one of the larger stables of writers who happened to be good and were also women. As Jamie Mottram explained, apparently Alana Nguyen (better known as Miss Gossip) has left the site not even a month after getting the top job — and being the first female head of one of the bigger box sports blogs. Wonder if this feature had anything to do with the departure, don’t you?


4 Responses

  1. S2N, thanks for picking this up. Pretty ridiculous…

    And whether this does or does not have anything to do with Ms. gossip’s departure, it is quite evident that the same culture that produced this video would make it unbearable for a woman to work at Fanhouse. i think that the video proves just that.

  2. note: assuming that woman didn’t sell her soul, body, or both…

  3. AOL still has a blog going? It was horrible and I never would go to it. I will not go there anyways because I cant stand the bloggers or the asinine comments. I will go here and to the others I go to. But does having scantily clad women boost the views that much?

  4. […] insiders. Jes from Hockey Rants and former co-creator Jamie Mottram joined the backlash early, Signal-to-Noise then jumped in on it (not surprisingly), and then many more bloggers joined in the chorus. By this […]

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