Somehow I Don’t Think Ms. Jones Will Have Mr. Libby’s Good Fortune

It’s kind of hard for me to be sympathetic to Marion Jones at this point. After lying for years about PED use, she decides to come clean and admit it all, only getting a six-month prison sentence for it, and now, she’s asking President Bush to commute the sentence?

Got to take some guts to do that. I mean, having a public admission on the steps of a federal building in New York City, breaking down and crying in front of the cameras about what you did wrong, and then having the audacity to say you shouldn’t serve the time even though you lied to the government?

The Justice Department confirmed Monday that Jones is among hundreds of convicted felons who have applied for presidential pardons or sentence commutations, but would provide no further details. A pardon removes a conviction from someone’s record, while a commutation only reduces or eliminates the person’s sentence.

I understand Jones has kids, and that’s not a good situation to be in, with their mother serving out a sentence. But those are the risks you take when you lie to federal agents. I mean, damn. You gotta think about those things when you’re keeping up the lie — whether it’s worth it for you or your family to go through that.


4 Responses

  1. Yeah, I really do feel bad for her. I actually kind of like her and always have. At the same time, though, we can’t condone this kind of behavior, and this is the best way to deal with steroids. If you are going to use them, sure as hell shouldn’t lie about it to the feds.

    Her sentence isn’t that bad, but I think six months and public humiliation is enough to warn others off from the same type of behavior. She should serve her full sentence and come out a better person. We can’t just pardon people because they are famous or popular.

  2. See reminds me of Claudine Longette. Who got six months for shooting Spider Savage (sp?) who may have deserved it. But if you catch a break, hunker down a take it. I know she’s not doing hard time.

    It’s the problem of people with privilege; they begin to expect it or I guess that the definition of privilege.

  3. booohoooo. Poor thing. She should not have lied. Why is there sympathy for a friggin athlete who cheated then lied. She ONLY got 6 months. Do your time and STFU! This is a bad the The Duke Cunningham trying to request a pardon. I hope Bush doesnt do this. I mean Clintons pardon on Rich was bad enuff

  4. Yeah, that’s pretty reedikyoolus.

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