Well, There Goes The Pretense Of Playing Defense

Yes, I’m aware that damn near everything in the NBA, in terms of trades and free agent signings, is done with an eye of keeping away from the luxury tax, if the team is not rich enough to avoid it. Still, it’s kind of disheartening — no, make that highly disheartening — to see the Nuggets essentially give away the team’s best defensive player to the Clippers for a conditional 2nd round pick. Nothing guaranteed, just conditional.

Marcus Camby is a former Defensive Player of the Year; the only player who seems to like playing defense in a Nuggets uniform, and getting rid of him is an easier move and the right call?

I’m guessing I simply don’t understand the monetary implications. Also, there’s something to be said for not putting money into an aging center. But it’s not like Carmelo Anthony or J.R. Smith play defense; Allen Iverson tries at times, but he’s not the greatest of defenders.

The Clippers fill the Elton Brand-sized hole on the defensive end of the floor for damn near nothing and turn what appeared to be a disastrous off-season into something salvageable, while I doubt the Nuggets will now seed the 8th seed of the playoffs, only to be swept or knocked out in five games once again.  I’m betting the Clippers may have just stolen that 8th seed from the Nuggets — which will at least be a moral victory for the second franchise in the Staples Center; maybe they’ll be the ones to be swept by the Lakers next season.

Camby shipping out [Denver Post]


2 Responses

  1. do you reall think the Clips are gonna take the #8 seed from Denver? I know they dont play d. But they didnt before he left. Plus with Carter and AI’s expiring contracts and Denver did get a 10 million exemption. Nobody knows what is gonna happen except Denver has made the playoffs with Anthony with less talent than they have now. Also were are talking about the Clips. A 23 win team with Camby, and without Livingston, Magette, and Brand is not gonna be a #8 seed

  2. Yeah, I’m with dan on this… I really don’t see the Clippers improving “that” much… Although they obviously got the better end of this deal, I really don’t think the Clippers have made the best of their offseason. Livingston, Magette, and Brand were all major factors of that conclusion. B-Diddy is a great point guard but is too inconsistent to lead the Clippers to the playoffs. I think Portland has a far better chance of making it to the playoffs in the West.

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