Will No One Rid Me Of This Meddlesome Quarterback?

I went to sleep for a few hours during the day on Friday, and when I woke up that afternoon, my TV screen was awash in Brett Favre, because now the old gunslinger wants to look like he’s having fun out there for another team next year — justifying the belief of every pundit who claimed they knew that he wasn’t going to stay retired; that we would be hearing again from “Favraro” (TM Big Daddy Drew) when training camps got close to beginning, etc.

So, once again, we get another shortened version of the Gunslinger holding the franchise he hoisted on his shoulders and made relevant again hostage. It takes a lot to make me unsympathetic towards an individual athlete. Generally, I think the hate/hate relationship the modern fan has with most multi-millionaire jocks isn’t remotely healthy and allows front offices and ownership to avoid scrutiny. If you’ve got enough cachet as a star, and maybe even as a superstar, you’ve got to be able to go out on your own terms.

But Brett Favre is officially now the Roger Clemens of his sport, minus an obvious ‘roid scandal, and the act has become just as tiring.  He’s always had a legion of press ready to whore for him at any given moment, and it’s as if entire news cycles can be filled by his need for attention in a summer season where baseball is the only major sport actually playing games.

I honestly want to question why Favre even gave us the crying act of his retirement press conference a few months back, if he wanted to go out on his own terms, and retirement isn’t for him.  He’s certainly not the first to give us a big press conference and then decide that was all a show — looking at you, Junior Seau — but ti just seems particularly unsightly, when no one would have begrudged him for deciding to play another year after last season, that he went through the retirement decision with a big public show, and now says, “Well, that really wasn’t what I wanted.”

He’ll never get that unconditional release, though, because the Packers want no part of him winding up on the Vikings or the Bears next year. The Packers are already saying Favre can return as a back-up, and GM Ted Thompson and coach Mike McCarthy say they won’t grant him that release.

Thus, it will be interesting to see where he winds up toiling in something less than Super Bowl contention.  At least some lucky team will get a bunch of attention they wouldn’t have otherwise — even it if is slobber that seeps through the television.


2 Responses

  1. Princess Diana’s death didn’t receive this much coverage, for Christ’s sake. Peter King must be one happy dude right now…

  2. Oh yes it did. I have a CD of her funeral mass. I’m kinda sick that way. It does make for some interesting cutting if your’e spinning the wheels.

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