How Can We Miss You If You Won’t Go Away?

Please make it stop. Please make it so John Madden and Peter King can finally put away their hand lotion and tissues for good. Please, Brett Favre, please make that “50-50” chance you’re talking about coming back (or at least your family is) be the 50% that lets you go out in a classy fashion.

It’s not that I don’t like you. Brett, I’ve loved watching you play. But you can’t hold a team hostage like thi again. Players much lower on the totem pole get whacked in the media so hard for this it’s not even funny. You are turning into the Roger Clemens of football (well, at least pre-McNamee, anyway) with this shit.  Think of it — Terrell Owens or Donovan McNabb could NEVER pull this.  Tony Romo?  That’s one case where Jerry Jones would laugh at the idea.

It’s also making me consider a collection plate for Aaron Rodgers, which is much nicer than the idea of buying a length of PVC pipe — if Brett does this, who doesn’t think Rodgers is harboring fantasies of going completely Jeff Gilooly on his knee? (Not advocating this at all.)

Just move on, Brett. Do it gracefully. Don’t make me root for someone to take you out if you step onto the field as the starter on Monday night, with Tirico, Kornheiser, and  Jaworski slobbering all over you.

I’m begging you. You say it’s rumor. Keep it that way.

‘It’s all rumor’ – Brett Favre [Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel]


2 Responses

  1. I can’t really see him coming back and being successful without winning the Super Bowl

  2. […] Seriously… Brett Favre is looking like a bit of a bum at the moment – he’s in danger of damaging something that’s oh-so-important to athletes: his legacy.  Signal To Noise asks him to stay away. […]

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