The Beard Abides In Staples

So, one day after opting out of his contract with the Warriors, it appears that the King of Slauson is coming back home to L.A. (“King of Slauson” a trademark of D-Wil.)

Baron Davis is taking $65 million over the next six years from Donald Sterling, and will fill the Clips’ gaping need for a point guard. Now, a lot of the analysts are jumping the gun in predicting the Second Team in Staples will be a playoff contender. Last I checked, the Western Conference was pretty damn competitive, with three teams duking it out for the 8th spot until the last day — which the Denver Nuggets won on their way to being swept by the Lakers in the first round.

Much of the slathering of the Clippers is completely dependent upon whether Elton Brand is going to return — and Golden State seems to want to get back at them by offering him a sheet, although it’s being reported as damn near a done deal that Brand will return to play with Davis. While Davis, Brand, Chris Kaman, Al Thornton, and first round draft pick Eric Gordon rounding it out looks like a pretty good starting five, you’re dealing with the Lakers, a more experienced Hornets team, the Spurs, a Portland team on the rise, and we’re not even getting into playoff perennials like the Jazz and Rockets on that side of the divide.

This move does instantly make the Clippers ten times better. But that ten times better probably means a 6 or 7 seed at best. Hey, that still gets you in the playoffs, and for that miserable, miserly franchise, that’s a damn good start.


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