This MF’er Shouldn’t Have Been Allowed To Die

Dane Cook and Carlos Mencia still walk among us, yet the mortal coil decides George Carlin must go. Simply unfair. He was on my personal list of people I would grant immortality to, had I the power.

Here are a few routines. First, the “baseball and football” that everyone’s posting today:

The famous “Seven Words” routine:

A particularly good riff on reproductive rights/abortion:

And, finally, on white people:

Without him, there is no Bill Hicks, no Denis Leary, no Mitch Hedberg. Lewis Black, only 11 years Carlin’s junior, doesn’t have a career if Carlin isn’t there first.

Rest in peace, sir.


4 Responses

  1. Amen, brother. Guys like Cook and Mencia wish they could be 1/10th the comic that Carlin was. In my long(ish) lifetime, he and Ricard Pryor were at the top of the stand-up heap, and were rarely, if ever, challenged.

  2. There would also be no Bill Maher or John Stewart, two mediocre comics whose careers were revived by the political comedy superhighway that George Carlin paved.

  3. Bruce and Des – true on both parts.

  4. Yes Signal George Carlin was the truth. I put him up there with kats like Richard Pryor, Paul Mooney and Red Foxx.

    A true genuis.

    RIP George.

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