At Least He Was Fired During Business Hours

Mariners manager John McLaren got a pink slip yesterday (largely taking the blame for the sins of recently fired GM Bill Bavasi’s lousy track record and signings, mostly, along with players who can’t seem to motivate themselves to hit or pitch well), but at least the interim GM had the decency to do the deed during the day.

McLaren, like Randolph, is paying for the sins of those around him. It’s hard to fathom that the same team that rallied around him after he replaced Mike Hargrove in the middle of last season could just out and out collapse on him like that, but they did, and when this sort of implosion happens, the manager will go, no matter how much he actually is to blame for the mess. I personally don’t think anyone can really fix a situation where Richie Sexson continues to hit below .250 with a gargantuan contract or Jose Vidro is the best candidate to be your designated hitter (this in the city that Edgar Martinez defined the modern conception of the DH, too.) The trade for Erik Bedard was supposed to pay dividends, but the team’s middle relief has coughed up when he’s done well.

The new Mariners’ front office folk have some hard times ahead, because there is dead weight to get rid of if the team would ever care to be a serious contender in the AL West. You can probably keep Ichiro, Felix Hernandez, Bedard, J.J. Putz, and maybe Adrian Beltre on the “untouchables” (and you’d have to be feeling generous to include Beltre), but the rest of it — put it out on the curb and see if someone’s interested in picking it up for cheap.

The interim GM says it was an “emotional” meeting and that McLaren was “an emotional guy.”

No shit, Sherlock. You think?


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  1. As an Oriole fan, I can tell you they weren’t too many tears when Bedard was traded. Seatlle has made the same mistake the pre-Andy McPhail Oriole regime made: thinking Bedard is a number one starter. In his career he has ONE complete game and averages slightly less then SIX innings per start. So thank you, Bill Bavasi for giving us George Sherrill and the next Torii Hunter, Adam Jones.

    Prediction: Bedard, who isn’t going to sign a long-term deal, will be traded by the deadline.

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