Cheap Shots: Weekend Reading and Viewing

I don’t do link posts often enough, do I?

  • NASCAR execs get a sexual harassment and racial discrimination suit with 80 examples. Isiah Thomas thinks that’s a hostile work environment. [Deadspin; PDF of suit is here]
  • Homerrific announcing in the NBA, contributing to the referee issue? [Awful Announcing]
  • Evaluating the possibilities for UCLA in the wake of the regime change. Very well balanced look. [Sunday Morning QB]
  • An Austrian goal scorer on a PK against the Poles won an offer of free beer for life. I’m jealous. [Dodgy at Best]
  • The only positive way to look at the Lakers’ Game 4 epic fail. [Sports on My Mind]
  • The weird rules of citizenship and naturalization have Becky Hammon playing for the Russian Olympic Team on the basketball court this summer. [The Big Lead]
  • Michael Beasley’s going to K-State was very, very good for his former AAU coach and current K-State assistant Dalonte West. Like, highest paid assistant in D-I good. [Money Players]
  • If you’re watching some College World Series this weekend, here’s a good way to catch up on the teams. [The College Baseball Blog]
  • Chicago State’s baseball coach, accused of fibbing slightly on the resume. [Babes Love Baseball]

And finally, thanks to the FanHouse, we’re directed to Fear the Beard, and Baron Davis performing good acts to get some “contract karma”:


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