Above The Rim: Holding Serve

The aging champs play like they do, forcing a Game 7 — and to Suns fans, the shot Hornets forward David West took from Robert Horry in the second half must have felt at least a bit familiar.  The questions as to whether it was really cheap are just that right now, because Horry’s offensive foul on a pick wasn’t too much harder than what wasn’t called a few decades ago.  However, the rules have been changed, and that foul may change the whole tenor of the deciding game in the Big Easy if West can’t play.  The Spurs’ Big Three were their reliable selves (Ginobili with 25 points; Duncan with 20 and 15 boards; Parker with 15) and Chris Paul got his 20+, but West’s loss and shooting struggles kept the Hornets down. If he’s not playing on Friday with his back givign him problems, the Spurs might as well pencil in their slot to the conference finals — and everyone else will wonder if “Cheap Shot Rob” is a more accurate description in his later career years.

Photo: AP/Matt Slocum


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