10 Things Arlen Specter Would Be Better Off Doing With His Time Than Investigating The NFL

Senator Single Bullet Theory (R-Comcast) is not particularly satisfied with Lord Rog’s explanations for the Patriots video-taping ways and Matt Walsh’s revelations, and is already threatening a round of Congressional Kabuki Theater over the league’s anti-trust exemption, citing Goodell’s “conflict of interest” in investigating a matter that involves one of his league’s franchises. I understand. Arlen Specter isn’t unjustified in having questions about the cover-up by the tape destruction. However, the man is all bark and no bite, a 10 gallon hat with no cattle, and plenty of lip without one tooth in his head, as far as rhetoric goes.

Here are 10 things he would be better off doing rather than asking for an NFL-style Mitchell Report and threatening the anti-trust exemption (pardon my politics):

  1. Following through on his outrage over the U.S. attorney firings by politically motivated DOJ staffers
  2. Helping find some sort of solution for the housing and foreclosure mess.
  3. Taking care of himself. He is recovering from cancer.
  4. Vetting judicial nominees.
  5. Looking into that whole warrantless wire-tapping thing the NSA’s got going on.
  6. Following up on previous questions about torture of detainees.
  7. Maybe finding some reserve of his power accumulated over decades to do something about gas prices that works.
  8. Revisiting that Warren Commission conclusion.
  9. Afghanistan.
  10. Iraq.

This is absolutely fucking rich:

Specter was again asked whether his interest in the matter has to do with Philadelphia-based Comcast, one of his largest campaign contributors. Comcast has been involved in a dispute with the league over the placement of the NFL Network on its cable system.

“They have been a campaign contributor,” Specter said, “along with 50,000 other people … I’ve been at this line of work for a long time, and no one has ever questioned my integrity.”

He’s right. We can’t question his integrity. I mean, you try asking about something that doesn’t exist. Everyone just winds up looking foolish.

Specter calls for Mitchell-like investigation of Pats [AP via Sports Illustrated]


One Response

  1. Campaign contributions possibly influencing the discourse of the Senate?

    Shocked, shocked, I say!!

    MSM? Missing in action (along with the Senate).

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