Upcoming S2N Experiment: Notes On The New Morning SportsCenter

Yes, this announcement is for something more than a few months away, but I figure it would make for an interesting exercise and blog post down the road, so I’m gonna put it out there now.

We’re all good and familiar with the recent announcement about Hannah Storm coming to Bristol to host a real live morning SportsCenter; Awful Announcing has the notes from yesterday that she will handle the middle three hours (9 AM – noon EST) of ESPN’s planned nine hour block of SC in the morning (which runs from 6 AM – 3 PM EST).

The whole new approach starts August 11th (the first Monday during the upcoming Summer Olympics), and if there’s one place where my real life experience comes into play and is useful, it’s critiquing a newscast — despite having little to no practical experience with a sports-based newscast, that’s what I’ll be doing in a few months here. Why? Honestly, I’d like to see what the approach is. ESPN has gotten burned numerous times by breaking news in the AM hours while SC repeats from the night before air, and even when they don’t, there are things that look kind of silly by running a repeat for nine hours. The anchors concluded today’s SC re-run by mentioning that Sen. Arlen Specter was going to speak on the Patriots-Walsh-taping deal “tomorrow” when Specter had held his presser two hours earlier.

I digress, though. What I’d like to see with the new SC is something that apes the approach of CNN and MSNBC in the morning: news coverage with extended analyst segments, maybe some ways to dig into topics more thoroughly, without the usual constraints. Nine hours buys you a lot of time to work with; a CNN Newsroom-style approach to sports would not be a bad way to start. I have my suspicions that this will lean more towards The Today Show in approach (and First Take has failed miserably at that), but I’ll be doing this production critique to see how the Four Letter differentiates this new live format.

Just a note: I’m not gonna do all nine hours. I do value my sanity somewhat.

ESPN Makes Huge Programming Change To Morning Broadcast [Awful Announcing]


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