Above The Rim: With No Regard For Human Life

A very nice call by Kevin Harlan (if you’d like to watch it, head over to Awful Announcing and get the full effect) provides our title, and watching LeBron James put the finishing touch on the Celtics was an awe-inspiring moment, despite the fact that he shot poorly once again (7-for-20). Daniel Gibson and Wally Szczerbiak each had 14; Boston’s Big Three had problems yet again, with KG and Pierce scoring 15 and Ray Allen only 13 on a combined 16-for-40 shooting.

I can only imagine how dangerous Cleveland could actually be with something resembling an offensive game plan; something more than “give the ball toe LeBron and follow his lead.” Right now, that plan is compelling, and even if Boston manages to get out of this series alive and make it to the Eastern finals, they won’t get past Detroit (yes, projecting, but who thinks the Magic will come back from 3-1 down right now?) Boston looks absolutely lost on the road, as if they don’t whom to go to late in those crunch situations outside of their home court.

Photo: AP/Tony Dejak


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