The NCAA Really Wants To Piss Me Off Regarding College Football

Well, me and just about every other fan of the game looking for some semblance of sanity in the chaos that is Division I-A’s post-season, anyway. Four months until the season gets going and I’m already steaming between the ears.

Why, you ask? It’s two-fold. First, the big conferences put the kibosh on a “plus-one” system happening until at least 2014 with its rejection today. Not that a plus-one would have come anywhere close to solving the problem, but after 2007’s Bizarro College Football Season, anything would have been an improvement. (Ultimately, I like either an 8 or a 16-team playoff.) The decision is all about easy cash that gets raked in every year from the BCS games and the lesser bowl games in which damn near every team from a major conference with a 6-6 record can get bowl money. Thus, if we get another situation with a one-loss Big 10 team and a 2-loss team from either the SEC or Pac-10 in the national championship game, I won’t be surprised. Just Ill.

Even better, they’ve sanctioned two new bowl games — the Congressional Bowl in Washington, D.C. (which is Navy vs. one of the lesser ACC teams) and the St. Petersburg Bowl (Big East-Conference USA) in the Tampa area, with the latter being owned and operated by ESPN Regional Television, which I’ve never been nuts about; I don’t think ESPN goes out of its way enough to note that it owns and operates the games during the telecasts. Essentially, we get two more mindless games to invite sub-par teams to (especially considering the Congressional Bowl would take the ninth eligible ACC team) and keep a convoluted system.

This is the problem: half the fun of college football is arguing over the stupid, screwy system: if it was so clear cut as a playoff, how many debates would we have stoked by print writers, TV pundits, and the fans themselves over which teams and conferences are more worthy?

Maybe I ought to be thanking the BCS commissioners or something….mmmm, nah.

“Plus-one” plan for BCS now six feet under [Los Angeles Times]
Tropicana Field Will Have a Bowl Game This Fall [The Ledger (FL)]


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  1. It’s all about the money. That’s what they want and that’s what they’ll get it.

    After all, Mr. President wants a new Mercedes-Benz

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