The Mailman Delivered To A Teenager

Karl Malone may have just one-upped Roger Clemens on the recent revelations of possible statutory rape-type stuff that’s been coming out over the last few days.

The former NBA star has a few children from out of wedlock (including the WNBA’s Cheryl Ford), and with the NFL Draft over the past weekend, people learned about his son Demetrius Bell, whom he fathered while at Louisiana Tech — and basically brushed off once Malone met Bell when Bell was 18. But as the Buffalo News’ Allen Wilson writes, Bell’s mother was 13 when he was born, and her parents did not pursue statutory rape charges against Malone.

Malone should thank Gloria Bell’s parents every day that they decided not to do so (why, I don’t know, but I can’t make a judgment there) because if that’s all true, his Hall of Fame career would never have happened if he’d actually faced charges: he’d likely have lost his scholarship, with all the things that implies. So, why be so dismissive with your own son when you know you probably owe his family big time for letting you off the hook for something so despicable?

I always thought Karl Malone was a little bit of a prick sometimes and a bit self-absorbed, but that’s way beyond any throwaway character assumptions.

Dad Karl Marlone a footnote in Demetrius Bell’s life [Buffalo News]


7 Responses

  1. Well, I never cared for Karl Malone and kinda felt guilty for my reasons…I didn’t have any…as my grandmother would say…”just didn’t like his kind”…lol….but now? 13?? more than likely 12 when she conceived…but even more than that…because I can get past that since, well, since you just have too…but to continue to ignore this young man. Has he no heartl? Does he have the soul of a jackal?? I have zero respect for him, I really do.

  2. I don’t know, although the comment in Wilson’s column makes it sound like he thinks the kids he has out of wedlock are simply after his money.

    I don’t understand it.

  3. I guess the old joke, “Must be the mailmans’ kid” is spot on here…

  4. Karl Malone don’t know nothin bout no innernet, he just knows how to put the ball in her net.

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