The Nomad Returns To The Bench

Update your flow charts, everyone: Larry Brown is returning to an NBA sideline, if the AP is right and he doesn’t get cold feet before a press conference this afternoon. This would make for Brown’s 9th NBA team (Pistons, Clippers, Spurs, Pacers, Knicks, 76ers, Nuggets, and Nets — obviously, not in that order), and represents, quite possibly, yet another attempt at a shotgun basketball wedding with a head-strong former player turned executive: first Joe Dumars, then the disastrous year with Isiah Thomas, and now, he gets the on-court G.O.A.T. in Michael Jordan, who’s been anything but a success in the front office.

I thought Larry knew better than to hitch himself to former players who weren’t the greatest execs after his gamesmanship with Thomas and the Knicks roster. Guess I was wrong — because it really won’t be any better for him in Charlotte. There is a glut at small forward, an undeveloped point guard in Raymond Felton, and a shot-blocking power forward in Emeka Okafor who will want more money. What Brown will try to do is coach the Bobcats up using defense, but will a team listen to him now?

Both Brown and the execs who hire him must be masochists. Yes, with the exception of the Knicks, he is a fix-it guy, enough to get you to the playoffs, but is it really worth the cost of bringing him in if you know have have to deal with his wandering eye and grass-is-greener mentality?

Michael Jordan hopes so, because Brown is essentially his last shot to save something regarding a decent reputation (hell, even establish it) as an NBA executive. This hire says much more about Jordan than it does about Brown’s willingness to take damn near any coaching job so long as it gets him back behind a sideline when he’s ready to do so.

Person familiar with decision says Brown to coach Bobcats [AP/Charlotte Observer]


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