Ed Roski’s Pipe Dream

Ultimately, I’d love nothing more than to be positive regarding Ed Roski, Jr.’s plan to build a stadium in the hillside outside of the City of Industry (and while it’s not L.A. proper, at least it’s still in the damn county) because it looks like he has his shit together, as far as his proposal’s web site and the specs go.

But he’s already working with one hand tied behind his back, because the state legislature has already shot down an $820 million dollar diversion of property tax revenue for the city for development subsidies — and there’s absolutely no way Roski can or should ask for any sort of public funding, not in this city. Los Angeles residents don’t miss the NFL that much to foot the bill for part of a massive stadium complex and the sprawl that will go with it. The Hater Nation has a good point: at least Roski will not have to deal with Mayor Television and the bickering L.A. City Council, but that isn’t enough. If he wants this to stand a chance in hell, he’d better start contributing to state senator Mark Ridley-Thomas’ campaign for county supervisor — if Bernard Parks wins, Roski’s dream will die even if he has full private financing. Parks is in the tank for the Coliseum: he wants the residents he reps on the city council to get the jobs and benefits of economic revitalization. (As of late March, Parks had a lead in fundraising, but Ridley-Thomas has the support of the county Dems, the police chief who replaced Parks, and is expected to get union backing.)

As stated on this blog before: L.A. is used as a convenient threat by every owner looking to extort his current fanbase for a monstrosity of a stadium on the public dime. Roski would have to wait for a team to move if its current market calls its bluff (we’re looking at Buffalo when Ralph Wilson kicks the bucket and the Saints if Tom Benson really wants to bite the bullet and be cursed Art Modell-style.) The NFL is pulling in big numbers and massive profits without Los Angeles; Lord Rog is not beating the drums about making L.A. a priority because he doesn’t have to. The league will survive with or without the #2 market in the U.S., and unless a sugar daddy wants to defy the standard operating procedure of franchise ownership and play benefactor by handling all the costs privately, the city and county will manage without the league.

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2 Responses

  1. Disrespectful to Buffalo fans and Ralph Wilson.
    The Bills will never leave WNY.

  2. […] hasn’t gotten much attention, but this guy in LA is building a $800 million stadium that’s completely privately financed. Goddell was asked about it at the draft, he said the […]

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