Cheap Shots #124

Links to, of course.

  • Breaking down why the Red Sox jersey in the base of the Yankees’ new stadium is so dumb. [Why Don’t We Get Drunk and Blog]
  • Jason Giambi, worst in baseball? [The Money Shot]
  • Assessing how much of a case former Sonics owner Howard Schultz might have against Clay Bennett. [Enjoy the Enjoyment]
  • Dodgers hold “Blogger Night” at Chavez Ravine. [Beantown West]
  • If you are part of an entourage or hired help, you will do some crazy stuff for athletes. If you work for Ron Artest, you make late night cookie runs. [Hardwood Paroxysm]
  • Guys in the Association who stepped up post All-Star Break. [Empty the Bench]
  • Like we needed more reasons to hate Sean Avery. [The World of Isaac]
  • David Beckham garbage cans. Here’s your barrel, here’s your gun. [Sports by Brooks]

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