Above The Rim: Warriors Out, Hawks In

Suns 122, Warriors 116 – Not sure if we’ll ever get an answer as to why Don Nelson decided to sit point guard Baron Davis for the entire second half.  Took out your floor leader, might as well admit defeat — and that’s what happened to Golden State, who is now out of the playoffs and leaving Denver and Dallas battling for position. Stephen Jackson tried to help lead a comeback with 16 of his 23 points in the second half, but it wasn’t enough.

Jazz 116, Rockets 95 – Utah locks up a tiebreaker with the Rockets by beating them and can ensure a home series if they beat San Antonio on Wednesday.  Carlos Boozer had 21 and 11 boards; Tracy McGrady and Luis Scola both had 22 a piece in the loss.

Cavaliers 91, 76ers 90 – Odd ending: Devin Brown misses a shot with time expiring and Philly has a win, right? Not so much. Officials reviewed it, said Samuel Dalembert fouled him, and he hits two free throws for the win. It means a lot to the Cavs, who will at least have home court advantage while taking on a Washington team with all its players back this time in the playoffs.

Spurs 101, Kings 98 – San Antonio locks up the 3rd seed against a debilitated Sacramento team (minus Ron Artest and Kevin Martin) thanks to Tony Parker leading the way with 32 points and 11 dimes — Tim Duncan was limited to two quarters’ worth of action due to foul trouble. John Salmons put up 29 in the losing effort.

Photo: AP/Ross D. Franklin


2 Responses

  1. Nelson was the catalyst for the Shaq trade and the favor was returned last night. After a win versus Phoenix in January(?) he was quoted as saying something to the effect that it was funny that the Warriors made Phoenix go big. The Warriors were were better than Phoenix at small ball, which was true mainly because Nash is such a defensive liability and Phoenix had no one to protect the paint. Well, I guess their GM, Steve Kerr, no dummy the five time ring bearer, saw the quote and watched the game also and voila Shaq Fu and the Warriors were done. With Houston discovering they’re better without Yao, Nowitski discovering a post game, the Lakers getting Gasol for beer and pizza, the Warriors have no place to go but down. I think that’s why the Warriors tried to play two seven footers last night to switch things up. They can’t win strictly with run and gun anymore; they need something else. Next year will be even more problematic if Oden is anywhere near what he’s cracked up to be. The Warriors might still win 50 games and be the 10th best team in the West.

    Now of course if Stern gives us the “cold envelope” and we get Beasely; playoffs, here we come baby.

  2. PS.

    I’d prefer Beasley but I’d settle for Lopez. Hopefiully he could be learn to be tough enough inside.

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