Above The Rim: A Spike Lee Joint

Lakers 105, Spurs 86 – I can damn near guarantee this game would have been closer if Manu Ginobili was playing, but the Lakers had something to play for and weren’t afraid to go for it in the second half, holding San Antonio to only 32 points in the second half and locking this game up with about 7 minutes left to play.  The Lakers now hold sole possession of first place in the Western Conference by a game over the Hornets, and a win in their next game locks it up for them.

(Spike was at Staples to film a documentary on Kobe. I’d be watching that as soon as it came out.)

Nuggets 111, Rockets 94 – If the Lakers hold on, they’d likely face Denver, who got one step closer to ensuring a playoff spot by beating Houston.  J.R. Smith sparked it off the bench with 23 points to go with AI’s 33 to combat Melo’s off-night of shooting (3-of-14 for 11 points).

Sonics 99, Mavericks 95 – Kevin Durant scores twice in the final 45 seconds to help aid a comeback in the final three minutes by the Sonics in what could be their last game in Seattle, exposing Dallas as the sorry road team that it is despite Dirk Nowitzki’s 32 points.

Photo: AP/Kevork Djansezian


2 Responses

  1. How about No beating Dallas and Denver beating Memphis and then the Nuggets are the 7th seed. Now wouldnt that be great

  2. “J.R. Smith sparked it off the bench”

    There’s a joke in there somewhere…

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