Cheap Shots #123

Lazy link dumping thanks to having to sit in a meeting with a consultant at 8:30 AM and have my intelligence insulted. Send all links to, as usual. I promise I will do these more often.

  • As I prepare to watch another UEFA Champions League match, let’s recall just how the ref fucked Arsenal yesterday after the Gunners fucked themselves. [Unprofessional Foul]
  • Tuscaloosa is run by an old supercomputer called CyberTyde. [EDSBS]
  • Kobe, talking about the upcoming Olympics. [You Been Blinded]
  • Mascots (or the people inside the suits) behaving badly: the man behind Steely McBeam gets arrested for DUI. [Pittsburgh Live]
  • Best custom jersey this year: a Tony La Russa “.093” sported. [Joe Sports Fan]
  • Kevin Love and Darren Collison are bailing for the NBA draft. Or maybe they’re not. [Sports by Brooks]
  • More Pac-10 turnover: Trent Johnson is leaving Stanford to coach LSU. [FanHouse]
  • Penn State wideout thrown off campus due to a training table fight. Fulmer Cup points, ahoy! [Run Up The Score]
  • Braves prospect gets busted for ‘roiding. [Babes Love Baseball]
  • A very nice interview with’s Justice B. Hill on the Negro Leagues. [The Starting Five]

One Response

  1. As a former consultant I can safely say that I never insulted anyone’s intelligence…mainly because there wasn’t much to insult in the first place. I kid! I kid!

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