Should They Stay Or Should They Go?

Your basic evaluations as to which high profile freshmen should be declaring for the Association or should decide to stick around for another season in the college ranks.

Derrick Rose, Memphis – Guaranteed lottery pick, and depending upon the franchise that lands the first overall pick, could go #1 in the draft. Regardless of what happens against Kansas tonight, should punch his ticket to the Association.

Michael Beasley, Kansas State – If you are averaging 26 points and more than 10 boards a game in your freshman year in college in a conference like the Big 12, you are probably ready to go pro. Those are numbers beating Carmelo Anthony’s marks, and if Beasley had someone else to play with outside of Bill Walker the Wildcats might have gotten further.

Jerryd Bayless, Arizona – Already declared, might have wanted to stay another year. It may not be fair or right, but he reminds me a lot of a bit less polished version of Gilbert Arenas (and no, it isn’t necessarily because he wore “0” at Airzona too.)  He’ll probably turn out fine, but a year actually being coached by Lute Olson and a more open offensive system would have been better for him.

Eric Gordon, Indiana – I really don’t know if there was any other choice than for Gordon to leave.  There was too much instability and uncertainty about NCAA violations that Kelvin Sampson left with that Gordon might have been stuck with a school that could be punished severely. He was consistently good in conference, but faded when hitting the Big 10 and NCAA tourneys.

O.J. Mayo, USC – Started out his freshman year flat, got much better as Pac-10 conference play rolled on and grew into his role as leader.  Honestly, he needs to stay one more year and then he’ll be set to go. There are some shot creation situations he could use some more work on, at least from what I could see when I watched USC games this season.

Kevin Love, UCLA – After watching him just get boxed in by Memphis’ front-court tandem on Saturday, he needs to spend another year in Westwood lifting weights and focusing that post game further. The Tigers had players that are the caliber of guys Love will see in the Association — and he just looked kind of schlubby in comparison.

Photo: AP/Matt York

4 Responses

  1. S2N,

    Totally agree with your assessments. Gordon, IMO, is destined to become the next Marcus Taylor. Bayliss should have stayed in school to mature emotionally, his body language was awful last season. If Mayo stays another year, he would be the POY because he became a more cerebral player down the stretch. Love will play in the league for 10 years, simply because of his savvy, but another year to trim the baby fat wouldn’t hurt him, not that he’ll ever be very quick of fast.

  2. Des, no doubt Love will have a 10 year NBA career at the very least; his passing skills alone guarantee it. I think an extra year building muscle and shedding the baby fat in Westwood will make him much more of an impact player in the Association in the low post, which is what he’s going to need to do to project as a PF-C.

    Given what happened to the Hoosiers this year, Gordon would have been better off staying in Illinois and playing under Bruce Weber — odd as that feels to type. The real sad part is that Tom Crean knows how to get good stuff out of his guards, but Gordon would be foolish to stay if Indiana’s due for some NCAA sanctions.

  3. S2N,

    No question about Gordon, under Crean, he would be D-Wade 2.0. Under Weber he would have been even better this season.

    A thought just occurred to me: Jerryd Bayliss reminds me of Tim Thomas for this reason: just as Thomas destroyed the chemistry of the 1996 Villanova team, Bayliss did the same with what chemistry was left after the Marcus Williams fiasco. They needed someone to blend in with Budinger, McClellan, and Hill, they didn’t need another prima donna.

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