Stealing Signals: Operation Grandslam

Blue Jays 7, Red Sox 3 – Josh Beckett didn’t exactly look like himself in this game, giving up a homer run to Vernon Wells and loading the bases prior to Manny Delcarmen giving up a grand slam to Frank Thomas. Roy Halladay pitched eight innings for the win.

Braves 3, Mets 1 – Not Johan Santana’s fault, by any means; the Mets just couldn’t hit John Smoltz for the five innings he was in there and didn’t even get a run until the 9th inning. Santana gave up one run in seven innings of work; Mark Teixiera knocked Aaron Heilman for the two-run blast.

Brewers 7, Giants 0 – Ben Sheets throws five-hit shutout, manages not to strain anything. A minor miracle. Let’s see if he can last a season.

White Sox 13, Tigers 2 – Wait a minute. The Tigers were the team that was supposed to be putting up double-digit run totals on teams. Instead, they’re 0-6 after Justin Verlander gives up nine runs in his start, while Mark Buehrle recovers from giving up seven in less than two in his last one. Nick Swisher led the game off with a homer, and Carlos Quentin drove in four.

Dodgers 3, Padres 2 – Could Trevor Hoffman officially be done? He gave up a tie-breaking single in the top of the 9th to Chin-lung Hu (who shall now be referred to in this blog as “Body Parts”) and is now 0-2 to start the season.

Reds 8, Phillies 2 – Good early story of the first week: the Reds are 4-2 and got another good pitching performance, this time from Edinson Volquez, who proves there is life after slumming it in the Texas rotation. Ken Griffey Jr. goes yard for the 594th time in his career.

Royals 3, Twins 1 – More confusion: Brett Tomko throwing five shut-out innings in a KC win, moving them up to 4-2. I just keep telling myself this is early in the season….

Orioles 3, Mariners 2 – …because the Orioles are on top of the AL East at this time of the year. After being shut out for eight innings by the M’s Felix Hernandez, the O’s got on a bullpen without J.J. Putz and got the necessary three runs to win.

Photo: AP/J.P. Moczulski


One Response

  1. Blue Jays hot, Tigers not

    I suspected the tiger’s pitching would be exposed this season … and it has. Their bad batting was NOT expected.

    I might switch teams … AL East could be a 3 horse race this year.

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