Worked On The Last Nerve

You’d think that after being suspended for half the season last year and going through numerous arrests for DUI and marijuana that Chris Henry would have just been a shut-in and not really left his place unless it was to go train. (I don’t normally advocate this; athletes shouldn’t be chained in, but Henry is a real extreme example here.)

Henry’s now accused of punching a man in the head and throwing a beer bottle through his car — and the Bengals waived him before he showed up in Hamilton County court today.

Long overdue, frankly. Henry’s half-season suspension is quite possibly one of the only things that Lord Rog the Dictator has gotten right in his very public discipline trip since his ascension to commissioner, as Henry got himself arrested something like six to eight times in the span of a few months last year — and that really takes some serious work.

(Note: I again would like to reiterate after watching Rob Parker on First and 10: usually I am not a big guy on knocking players after they get arrested and before the conviction, but Henry has been caught in so many public incidents leading to arrests that it suspends belief.)

What this means for the Bengals is that they’d better have a running game like coach Marvin Lewis promised — and they’d better go begging on hands and knees to Chad Johnson to keep him happy, since neither he nor T.J. Houshmanzadeh have been anything other than upstanding citizens (you may dislike Ocho Cinco’s celebrations and ego, but to say he does anything other than bring it on Sundays isn’t true) as well as two of the only three players on the team that help the Bengals stand out.

Bengals waive Henry [Cincinnati Enquirer]


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