Stealing Signals: Pedro Is Held Together By Glue

Robert Andino tees off for a walk-off homerun to win it for the Marlins in extras, but the bigger concern for all Mets fans involved will be the health of Pedro Martinez, who came up lame with a hamstring pull in his first start — and he wasn’t great to start, giving up home runs to Dan Uggla and Luis Gonzalez.

Chien-Ming Wang smacks down the Toronto line-up in the final Opening Day game delayed thanks to the weather. A-Rod scoring on a groundout by Matsui breaks the 2-2 tie, and leaves Blue Jay ace Roy Halladay with the loss.

That Jon Garland trade turned out to be very, very necessary for the Angels — he throws a good game against the Twins while the Halo line-up goes for broke off Boof Bonser — Vlad Guerrero and Garret Anderson drove in five of the nine runs and had three hits apiece.

Gotta love it — Colorado wins thanks to an error by new Cardinals 3B Troy Glaus and a subsequent bases loaded walk. Maybe the Cardinals were confused by Kip Wells actually pitching well for the Rockies. Who knows?

Delwyn Young knocks in Rafael Furcal on an infield hit in the bottom of the ninth — Furcal ran all the way in from second base — to beat a Giants team and bullpen that had largely kept the Dodgers from blowing the game open earlier.

Photo: AP/J. Pat Carter


One Response

  1. Pedro?

    More like chewing gum and baling wire.

    All of these small frame hard throwers are in trouble if they can no longer use “recovery/training aids”. (I don’t call them performance enhancing because they don’t help you in the moment; they just allow you to recover faster and train harder. Now amphetamines, cocaine, beta blockers, EPO are to me, performance enhancers)

    Not calling out Pedro specifically but I’m looking at guys like Harden (A’s), Lincecum (Giants) also. I’ve always wondered how these types of pitchers could hold up over 200 innings. Now we are seeing, they won’t be able to.

    Anyone else in that category?

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