Above The Rim: Bye Bye, Mavs

Losing against the Spurs to become 0-8 at home since trading for Jason Kidd isn’t bad enough — now Dirk Nowitzki had to get hurt during the game with what’s being called a lower left leg injury. The Mavericks are still in the playoffs right now, but with 12 games left to go and however many of those without their star player, I’d like to personally write them off and consider just how bad of an overreaction the trade for Kidd was in the first place. Dallas let Phoenix off the hooke wih that trade, and it’s going to come back and bite them.

The Warriors won for the first time in the Staples Center against the Lakers in the past 10 tries or so, thanks to late shots hit by Stephen Jackson and defensive output early that put Golden State up by 20+. Letting the Lakers back in a scary thing, but they held off Kobe and crew despite the defensive collapse. These teams are playing again tonight, this time in the Bay Area.

Hopefully the Nuggets can take advantage of Dallas’ misfortune — more wins where AI and Carmelo are scoring 30+ a piece may be necessary, surviving the quick start of the Raptors and Andrea Bargnani and keeping Chris Bosh in check.

The most exciting part of Pistons-Wizards was probably wondering if the Wizards are better off with Gilbert Arenas out and how they’re going to work him back in when he does play. They can’t win in the playoffs without him, but they might get a better seed without him right now.

Photo: AP/L.M. Otero


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