Ill-Advised 1st Round Tourney Predictions

We’ll just be going round by round here; expect a fresh post with 2nd round stuff on Saturday.


  • UNC beats Mount St. Mary’s — duh
  • Arkansas over Indiana — I don’t like the way the Hoosiers have basically limped in and expect them to be done quickly unless the refs want to see a UNC-IU matchup as much as CBS does.
  • Notre Dame whacks George Mason — No answer for Luke Harangody, it appears.
  • Winthrop over Wazzu – one Pac-10 team is going to bite it in the first round. This is as good as nay.
  • St. Joseph’s over Oklahoma — The Hawks are not exactly what they were a few years ago, but I don’t think OU is ready yet to do a second round.
  • Louisville tops Boise State — not really close at all.
  • Butler over South Alabama — in a squeaker, because the Bulldogs got screwed on the draw and have to play in Birmingham.
  • Tennessee beats American — 15 over 2 won’t happen here either.


  • Kansas vs. Portland State – easy KU victory.
  • UNLV over Kent State – I rode hard on the Rebels last year and was proven right. I’ll do it again.
  • Clemson vs. Villanova – I think Oliver Purnell can get his squad to keep it together for a decent stretch unless they get in foul trouble. Nova needs all their shots to fall. Tigers.
  • Vanderbilt vs. Siena – Siena steals like crazy and Vandy has a turnover problem, so i’ve read. This is the trendy upset and I’ll be a lemming too.
  • USC vs. K-State – Mayo takes on Beasley, but it’s really about whether USC can keep Bill Walker and the rest of the Wildcats off the scoreboard. I say the odds of this are very good, and the Trojans move on.
  • Wisconsin vs. CSU-Fullerton – Sorry, Titans, it’s one and done for you in the most boring of fashions.
  • Gonzaga vs. Davidson – Davidson is a nice 10 over 7 here, and any team with Stephen Curry draining shots is a good upset pick. Watching Gonzaga lose to San Diego in the WCC final only makes this easier.
  • Georgetown vs. UMBC – Just a question of how much G’Town wins by.


  • Memphis vs. Texas-Arlington – Yawn. Memphis will lose by the Sweet 16, but not this early.
  • Mississippi State vs. Oregon – Ernie Kent ekes out one more tourney win with Malik Hairston and keeps the rabid Duck base off his back for maybe one more year.
  • Michigan State vs. Temple – Drew Neitzel’s career gets one more game after this.
  • Pitt vs. Oral Roberts – A question of how badly the Panthers beat the televangelist’s university.
  • Marquette vs. Kentucky – I don’t even think Kentucky should be in the tournament. It’ll be close, but I think the Golden Eagles will be able to send the Wildcats home.
  • Stanford vs. Cornell – If they matched up SAT scores, Cornell has a chance — but not dealing with the 7-foot Lopez twins.
  • Miami vs. Saint Mary’s – Another 10-7 upset right here. The Gaels will bust the Canes.
  • Texas vs. Austin Peay – double yawn. Horns hook ’em easy.


  • UCLA vs. Mississippi Valley State — this is just mean. Bruins win.
  • BYU vs. Texas A&M — the half-decent Aggie team will show up for this one.
  • Drake vs. Western Kentucky — the secretly awesome game of the first round. Rooting fro Drake to pull it out.
  • UConn vs. San Diego — every time I think the Toreros can’t win a game, they pull a win out of their asses. I know it’s been against WCC competition, but that’s still something to take into account, and fluke wins happen a lot (I don’t have the winner of this game going to the 16 anyway.)
  • Purdue vs. Baylor — Baylor shouldn’t be here either, and Purdue will prove it.
  • Xavier vs. Georgia — it’s been a nice run and Dennis Fulton has saved his job, but Xavier will make it stop here.
  • West Virginia vs. Arizona — I must be one of the few people that thinks WVU is going to do well in this tourney and sneak up on teams. When they shoot well, they are not easy to stop. Arizona has Bayless and Budinger, but there have been plenty of games where they’ve looked awfully listless — and don’t think it doesn’t make a difference to have Kevin O’Neill instead of Lute Olson behind the bench.
  • Duke vs. Belmont – The Blue Devils aren’t going to meet up with UCLA later on, but they’ll survive one round.

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