Cheap Shots #121

White Guy Praise Drinking Game: For when your college basketball analyst decides to go all David Eckstein on a melanin-deficient baller tomorrow.  Drink double if it’s Tyler Hansbrough. [TY Sports]

Red Sox Threatening Japan Boycott: At least at this time, and the issue is over the coaching staff getting a $40K stipend that was apparently promised when the game was set up. Interesting, and it’s holding up the game between the Blue Jays and Sox right now, although it looks like it will be starting. [Boston Globe]

Terrelle Pryor Makes A Decision Today: Ohio State. Yawn. Who didn’t see that coming? Maybe Michigan. [SI]

Speaking of Michigan: You should probably be reading the Ann Arbor News’ series on UM athletics and academics if you’re not already. [Ann Arbor News]

Why Hasn’t Bonds Signed Anywhere?: The MLBPA says it will be investigated. [Scott Van Pelt Style]

Draft Chicanery?: Did a rumor about Glenn Dorsey’s knee get floated in order to send him down the draft board? [Pro Football Talk]

Glen Taylor Has No Right To Call KG Out For Tanking: Absenteeism and incompetence as an owner with a star of that magnitude demands you know your role and shut your mouth. [Empty The Bench]

LeBron’s Bad Choice in Vogue-ing: For someone who has such control over his image in every other facet, posing with Gisele Bundchen in a King Kong-like pose is a lapse of it — and it doesn’t say much more about photographer Annie Leibovitz. [Sports on My Mind]


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