Cheap Shots #120

You know the deal. Send your links and such to, and this post will hopefully be updated and bumped up with new stuff.

12 PM

Sweet College Basketball: You make it so unnecessary to watch anything else during conference tournament time. ‘Nova loses to G-Town, UConn is taking on WVU, OK State beat Texas Tech (well, Tech beat itself in the last seconds there), and Arizona State’s about to play USC. [ESPN]

Medical Exemption?: Brewers OF Mike Cameron is applying for a medical exemption to use drugs banned by MLB because of his injuries from a crash in the outfield a couple years back when he was with the Mets. [Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel]

Bottom-Feeding: One of UmpBump’s writers puts the not-so-nice emails she gets on display. [UmpBump]

I Thought Bob Knight Was A Dog Person: MJD revives the “Letters With Pets” series by inviting the new ESPN analyst’s cat. [The Dagger]

Ah, Base-Clearing Brawls: Apparently I missed the whole Yanks-Rays spike into second and scuffle today. C’mon, guys, it’s only pre-season. [NY Daily News]

(Video via the always wonderful Awful Announcing.)

Meet Your Formerly Pseudonymous Blogger: The main writer and editor behind The Big Lead? Apparently, a former staffer for US Weekly and sportswriter at several other print pubs named Jason McIntyre — who talked to SI’s Richard Deitsch. [Sports Illustrated]

Speaking of Formerly Pseudonymous Bloggers: Ken Tremendous (Michael Schnur) talks to the KC Star’s Royals Blog. [ball star]

Fuck Off, Zell: The Wrigley family will have none of paying for continued naming rights at Wrigley Field. [Chicago Tribune]

J-Kidd Throws Verbal Cookies At New Jersey: Well, not so much that as wishing the Nets would get as much attention as the Knicks — thus, if he were a Knick, they might have been better and he’d have gotten more attention. Jason, just be happy Isiah never traded for you, dude. [NY Post]

David Carr Can Afford New Gloves: The much-maligned (and oft-deservedly so) QB will compete with The Battleship Lorenzen and Anthony Wright to back up Eli Manning next season after signing with the Giants. [NY Daily News]


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