Cheap Shots #118

PEDs, Sports, and American Culture: SI’s Jack McCallum attempts to tackle the thesis that steroids and HGH aren’t just a sports issue. It’s not a bad first attempt (and features Gary Gaffney of Steroid Nation), but I’ve got objections — and I’ll write more on it probably tomorrow after work and can read it a bit more. [Sports Illustrated]

March Madness Announcers: CBS’ line-up is out, and once again I am disappointed that the Eye will not pair Gus Johnson and Bill Raftery. I am relieved that James Brown will be staying in the studio. [Awful Announcing]

Fewer Crackers For Fitty: Or at least re-negotiated ones. The Arizona Cardinals come to a new deal with the wideout. [ESPN]

Flipping Off The Heat: Tbe real karma comes when they miss out on Michael Beasley thanks to the ping-pong balls. [The Money Shot]

Friday Night Lights, Renewed: Thankfully. If you’re not watching for the writing, there’s the obvious eye candy reasons. [Rumors and Rants]

Tyler Hansbrough Is Getting His Jersey Retired?: I suppose the criteria fits, but it’s still kind of odd. [AP/SI]

Kobe Bryant Day: I’m not sure of the exact significance of March 11th for it, but hell. [Hardwood Paroxysm]

Ouch, Ouch, Ouch: Astros 2B Kaz Matsui out with “anal fissures.”  Reports of whether he was imitating his favorite hentai films not corroborated. [Houston Chronicle]

New Sins for Sports: If the Vatican can make up new ones, so can the blogosphere. [Deuce of Davenport]

A Slight Political Note: “One of the great political downfalls”? I don’t know, but someone’s got to tell Eliot Spitzer that making your name on busting white-collar crime leaves you no room to hire hookers — and for $5K a pop (and your career), that better have been some mind-blowing sex. [New York Times]

Now, Back To The Funny: Your video of the day comes from Odenized, and it’s the Houston Rockets imitating their center, Dikembe Mutumbo.


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