Cheap Shots #117

The NFL’s Foreplay With Matt Walsh: Basically, both sides are dancing around the issue of complete immunity for Walsh regarding whatever he knows about the Patriots’ videotaping habits, while I’m still relatively skeptical about just how important this actually is. Unfortunately, we will keep hearing about it because Arlen Specter doesn’t have a lot of better things to do with his time as a senator representing Pennsylvania. [AP/SI]

Food For Thought: College scholarships for athletics are nowhere near the popular conception provided by most D-IA power sports — most of them are only partial, among other interesting points raised. [NYT]

Steeler Linebacker Gets Domestic Violence Charges: General rule: if you can be accused of breaking down a locked door and breaking a cell phone, it’s best not to put yourself in that situation — never mind the alleged assault that comes with it. Leave the locked door alone and go outside. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

Funny How We Care Less About Terrelle Pryor Since Signing Day Is Long Over: The prospect QB, rumored to be going to Penn State, Ohio State, and any other number of colleges to run a solid spread offense has been getting in some tiffs after his high school hoops games — and the bigger rumor is that Memphis’ John Calipari is trying to lure him on a hoops scholarship. [Pitt Post-Gazette]

Scott Schoeneweis Thinks He’s Valuable Somehow: Preferably in a trade for a bat for the Mets that isn’t old and/or breaking down. Also, he provides the intangible of bringing HGH discussions into the locker room. [Can’t Stop the Bleeding]

We Couldn’t Explain This One, Either: What the fuck were Peyton and Eli Manning doing at Cameron Indoor for UNC-Duke on Saturday? [The Hater Nation]


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  1. Thanks for the link today on Ball Hype. I appreciate it.

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