Free Advertising In The Hall of Fame On Opening Day

The Baseball Hall of Fame is completing the final plan of having this douchebag’s publicity and advertising stunt with Barry Bonds’ 756th home run ball validated by possibly having it on display by Opening Day. I’ve spewed plenty of venom about this matter, but the statements by Hall reps are either naive or downright repulsive:

“We’ll display it, but the text accompanying the ball will cover when it was hit and how it ended up in Cooperstown,” Jeff Idelson, the Hall’s vice president for communications and education, told reporters. “It’s meant to be educational….The asterisk represents a one-week period in September 2007, through an Internet poll, on how fans felt about the ball. That doesn’t mean that’s the way we feel today. It also represents the stigma Barry had as he chased the home run record. The asterisk doesn’t implicate Barry. Fans will have to make their own decision. We would never suggest how they should judge things.”

Guess what, Mr. Idelson? You’re getting into the business of how fans judge things — in fact, you already are. Your goal is to chronicle the greats and the history of the sport; now, when people in the future see the ball, they’ll find out it was marked up by fans because they suspected the hitter had taken steroids — without having been able to concretely prove it. And if taking a ball marked with what is coincidentally the logo of the buyer’s clothing and apparel line isn’t bad enough, it’s done with absolutely no sense of irony or cognitive dissonance.

There are records held by racists, alcoholics, general assholes — and all done while the game aggressively excluded non-white players. Where are the asterisks for their records? Will they re-write plaques to imply that all their best numbers were less than what we imagined because they didn’t play against a level field with all the best players, regardless of color? “Doubt it” is probably being kind. The Hall of Fame is exercising judgment here — and it is deciding how Barry Bonds will be judged, solely by the tenor of public opinion, manipulated and encouraged by the press — while now, those same writers are the ones who hold reservations for Roger Clemens, Andy Pettitte, Rick Ankiel, et al.

The Hall has decided to serve as judge and jury; let us judge the Hall harshly for doing so.

Report: Bonds’ 756th HR ball, with asterisk, may be on display by Opening Day [ESPN]


8 Responses

  1. Amen: Where they get off trying to manipulate history based on specious evidence, blatant media bias, and personal prejudice is beyond me. They can try to dress it up all they want, but they just lost their credibility as a legitimate museum and historical institution.

  2. Through no fault of their own, the * was already on the baseball when it was donated to the HoF. How would you propose they remove it? I presume you would rather have them toss it in a shoe box in the basement and pretend it doesn’t exist? I don’t see how not displaying it creates a more noble and righteous representation of the history of the game. Sure Marc Ecko is a douchebag, but I don’t think ignoring the ball as a part of baseball history is going to fix that.
    Great site by the way…I just happen to disagree with you on this topic.

  3. Bagombo – thanks.

    Here’s what the Hall of Fame should have done when Marc Ecko decided to put the asterisk matter to a sham vote:

    “We will not accept the ball if it is tampered with or altered in any way, shape, or form.”

    It’s really that simple. The HOF wanted it before Ecko decided to leave it up to “the people,” whatever that means. They could have set the conditions rather than acquiesce to the fickle, uninformed public opinion.

    If you’re going to allow an artifact with an asterisk slapped on it, slap a fucking asterisk on the entire Hall of Fame.

  4. I really dislike what Ecko did, it was stupid and a disgrace to the game. The period Bonds is accused of cheating in is one marred by the steroid question anyways. If they wanted to mention it, they could have included it in their ridiculous up-and-coming steroids area of the Hall.

    I agree with S2N that they could have done something else for Bonds’ record, such as just using the next home run he hit or, since it will then stand as the record, the ball from the very last home run he hits.

  5. “If you’re going to allow an artifact with an asterisk slapped on it, slap a fucking asterisk on the entire Hall of Fame.”

    Amen S2N…

    this shit is wrong on multiple levels…

  6. I guess there are some sports that some people think were made for the upper class or white folks.

    Sports like Lawn tennis an Golf are clear example thus when they see black people like the William sisters and tiger Woods dominating, then hatred sets in.

  7. Come on people, wake up and smell the coffee.

    This shit has been going on for far too long.

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