Cheap Shots #116 for the links and tips; the post will be updated and bumped as needed.


NY Congresscritter Wants FBI Not To Bother With Clemens: That’s very nice, Rep. Weiner. Maybe if you had spoken up when Bonds got jacked around, we’d all buy it a bit more, y’know? [Sports on My Mind]

Channeling Your Inner Crash Davis: Modi rambles on baseball and steroids; you may not agree with all of it, but it’s entertaining (or was to me). [Cosellout]

Hand-Pisser Out With Hernia: As if the Mets weren’t banged up enough in spring training — Moises Alou will have surgery for a hernia. [NYT]

(Ill-advised baseball division previews will likely start here this weekend.)

Starbury Wants To Stay In The Garden: You’d have thought otherwise after the way this season has gone for him with his battles with Isiah — but apparently Stephon Marbury wants to remain a member of his hometown team. [New York Daily News]

Dirk Suspended For Cheap Shot Foul: Good. Nip that in the bud, quickly. Guess we can make that 17 straight for the Rockets after tonight’s game. [Dallas Morning News]

Tyrus Thomas May Have Mach I AI’s Views About Practice: And John Paxson has suspended him 2 games for it. Could this be a Troy Williamson situation? We’ll find out. [Chicago Tribune]

If A Team is Terrible, Is A Player Who Wants Out Really A Distraction?: Such is the conundrum of Antoine Walker wanting to be bought out by the Timberwolves, but not doing so because he doesn’t want to give that much money back. It may only mean the difference between getting blown out by 15 or by 30. [Minneapolis Star-Tribune]

High Irony: An NYC restaurant has been secretly taping diners in back rooms — including Tom Brady. Coach Hobo has inquired about reservations. [Sports by Brooks]


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