Above The Rim: That’s Just Sick

(Thanks to the FanHouse for the tip to the video.)

That Rajon Rondo dunk was likely the eye-dropping play as the Celtics sealed up a playoff spot with a win over the Pistons — a likely playoff match-up that we’ll all be dying to see. KG had 31 points, Rondo had 16, and center Kendrick Perkins had 10 points and a bigger 20 boards. Rasheed had 23 and Rip 15 for the Pistons.

Who does 50 points and 10 assists? LeBron James does — and was two rebounds away from another triple-double in the Cavs’ victory over the hapless Knicks. New York area hoops lovers can only dream of James signing with a Brooklyn-bound Nets team when watching him — and a Cleveland fan rushed towards the bench to give effusive praise.

16 in a row for the Rockets after taking it out on Indiana with Tracy McGrady’s 25 points. 15 straight points scored by Houston in the second quarter helped lead to the blowout. Is this team better without Yao? Maybe. It’s too soon to tell — and upcoming games against the Western Conference powers will give us a better idea.

The Denver Nuggets are the little, adorable girl with the curls. When they’re good, they’re angelic — and the firepower they showed against a Suns team on the decline was a nice display. 30 points and 13 boards for Melo, Iverson leads with 31, and J.R. Smith kept hitting shots off the bench for 20. This while Shaq gave a great effort on the boards with 18 rebounds, and Amare Stoudemire led the Suns with 22 points.

Jason Richardson wasn’t exactly happy to leave Golden State via trade in the draft — and he finally got a measure of revenge, scoring 42 points as the Bobcats took one from the Warriors, who are now only one game ahead of Denver for the Western Conference’s final playoff spot.

The Vols pulled off a two-step by not only lining up an SEC title, but knocking the defending champs out of the NCAA tourney picture, most likely. Down by nearly 20 in the first half, JaJuan Smith and Chris Lofton shot the lights out from there, and Tennessee kept fighting back when the Gators made it close.

Vanderbilt is a sneaky team to keep track of — eking out an overtime victory at home against Mississippi State. Shan Foster, in his last game and Vandy’s Senior Night, was good for 42 points, nine of them coming from beyond the arc — the final one good for the win with 2.6 seconds left.

Duke takes out a weak Virginia team with 12 3-pointers, as the usual overhyped game with UNC awaits.


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  1. Kj for Mayor,

    Kevin Johnson was and is a class act. let’s just hope he won’t be involved in a class action suit anytime soon.
    I don’t live in Sacramento but the indifference towards the low income is evident in the city’s light rail system. Imbedding fake ten dollar bills in the bricks of the light rail system. Sounds funny from City Hall but brings rage and resentment from those trying to make a buck.

    KJ grew up in Sac and has tried to use his sucess to give back. Do his properties have maintenance issue’s? Well read Willie Browns book for insight into political backstabbing.

    Let’s just hope he has the good sense not to abandon Arco Arena for the sake of multi-millionaires

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