Cheap Shots #115

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12:15 PM

XX Factor – Worth asking: is there a glass ceiling at the bigger name sports blogs hiring writers? Some female bloggers weigh in. [Black and Gold Tchotchkes]

(Disclaimer: I kind of want to stay out of this since I write for one of the sites mentioned, but it’s still a worthy topic.)

Really, Jonathan? – Add the Red Sox closer to the list of young players pissed off about having their contracts renewed (Prince Fielder, Nick Markakis). Texas Gal sits the metaphorical version of Papelbon down. [Center Field]

I Love In-N-Out, And So Do Sportswriters Covering Spring Training – Apparently they’re all covering the same Peoria, AZ location. [Walk Off Walk]

Just Because He’s a Legend Doesn’t Mean You Should Hire Him – Network execs are already salivating of the thought of having Brett Favre as a football commentator.  A question: if Brett Favre slobbers over a quarterback on the air, would he collapse upon himself and combust? [USA Today via Awful Announcing]


12:45 AM

Favre Slurping, Day 2 – It continues, and probably will for the rest of the week. I foresee very little that will knock the love-fest off the top of the agenda. But will Aaron Rodgers be able to lead this team in the future? I say the Packers aren’t as bad off as it looks with Rodgers. More on this later, I hope.

Another Retirement – This one belongs to Raiders D-lineman Warren Sapp. Seven Pro Bowls, nine good-to-great seasons in Tampa Bay, some okay ones in Oakland, and 98.5 sacks as an interior lineman for a career. Damn impressive. [ESPN]

The Cryptkeeper Has To Overpay To Get Players To Come To Oakland – Javon Walker is a good receiver when he’s healthy, but he hasn’t been healthy — and the Raiders just gave him a six-year, $55 million dollar deal ($27 million over the first 3 years, $16 guaranteed.) Still, incredibly dumb move. []

Philly Fans Have a Reason To Be Pissed – The Iggles offered Randy Moss more money yet he stayed in NE — and they’re still without anything resembling a WR corps for next season. [Boston Herald]

Rocket Update – Brian McNamee’s lawyers want Roger Clemens’ attorney Rusty Hardin out of the defamation lawsuit Clemens filed against McNamee — because Hardin also represented Andy Pettitte, who would likely be a witness. [NYT]

Shanny Spying Accusations – Yahoo Sports pulled down a bit in an old Jason Cole piece claiming Mike Shanahan and the Broncos spied on opponents after the Rat Fink threatened legal action. [AP/SI, Awful Announcing]

Tim Floyd Will Not Stand in Mayo’s Way – The USC coach is at least a realist. He knows that O.J. Mayo is gone if he’s predicted as a Top 10 pick no matter what — even though, in my estimation, the only draft-ready player in the college game right now is Michael Beasley, and Eric Gordon is almost there. [Fanhouse]

Need a Receiver in the Draft? – Taking stock of the wideout talent. [Rumors and Rants]

Your Unrelated Video of the Day – Thanks, Meaningful Collateral!

2 Responses

  1. Warren Sapp…50 lbs lighter and coming to a TV screen near you soon.

  2. I smell early knockout for UNC. I wasn’t impressed with them when they barely beat BYU.

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