You Want Him, Nay, Need Him In That Slot

Essentially, Randy Moss re-signing with New England had to happen — not just for Moss and the work he’s done without question there, but for the health of Tom Brady’s passing stats and his game. Note that Donte’ Stallworth has taken his peripatetic ways to Cleveland, and several members of the Pats’ secondary have sought more money (Asante Samuel) or to return home (Randall Gay to the Saints) — which means that the offense will need to keep its high scoring ways going just to win, never mind about another attempt at perfection.

Moss clearly desires and thrives in environments where the concept of playing to win is foremost; where it is an embarrassment to lose — and that’s probably Coach Hobo’s preference (I’ve not watched a coach on TV who seems to despise losing as much as Belichick does; he stews.) Moss’ ability to envelop and catch anything in a five-yard radius made him the first truly elite WR Tom Brady ever had; Brady and Moss then became a lethal combination. If the Patriots had let Moss go (and did you seriously think they would?), we could have stuck a fork in them as far as Super Bowl hopes.

Re-signing Moss means the offense is still a serious threat, and that’s an absolute necessity when the defense is hemorrhaging players (and was just bending for the last half of last season anyway). Now, if they could move Moss and Wes Welker in and out of the slot at will…imagine the fuck-ups on mismatches.

Patriots re-sign Moss [Boston Globe]


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