Cheap Shots #114

Aaaaand….we’re back. All tips and links as usual to, please.


11:30 AM

Sid The Kid Returns: Big deal for a Penguins team that traded for Marion Hossa in his absence for 21 games with a high ankle sprain. Pittsburgh wants to cash it in NOW, obviously — and make a serious run at the cup (I’d make an ill-advised comparison between the Pens and the NBA’s Cavs, but I’m not sure it lines up yet.) [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

A Chronicle of the Finger Wag: I’m a sucker for any history, real or fictional, of Dikembe Mutombo. [The On Deck Circle]

Chris Andersen Gets Reinstated: The story of the troubled player will get a chance at the redemption phase, possibly. David Stern reinstated Andersen, and the Hornets hold his rights — whether they use them or need them is another matter altogether. [ESPN]

Federer, Now Human?: Losing to Andy Murray in the first round of any tournament is very unlike him. Is the field now catching up, or is Federer losing a bit of that “it”? [Sports Lounge Blog]

Joe Buck Will No Longer Pollute Cardinals Games: Dammit, I was hoping this would go the other way around, but no such luck. [Sports Media Journal]


12:20 AM

Randy Moss Re-Signs With The Pats – I’ll write another entry on why this was bound to happen, and why it needed to happen for both parties involved later. But now, let’s just outline the three years and $27 million ($12 guaranteed) that made it happen at a seriously discounted rate and run from there. [Boston Herald]

Cassell Now With The Cees: My favorite alien (don’t tell me you never looked at Sam Cassell and thought he looked like he could be from outer space) has cleared waivers and will be joining the Celtics as soon as Wednesday. Cassell maybe has the rest of this season and maybe one more after this if he feels like it, and Rajon Rondo could learn from him and his way of demonstrating his huge cojones on the court (most entertaining taunt ever, sorry that the image is blurry.) [Boston Globe]

Ow, My Balls! – Speaking of testicles, Cubs OF Felix Pie suffered a total Idiocracy moment by having to sit out with a twisted nut. It hurts just to think about it. [Foul Balls]

Oh, A New QB For Me To Play With! – Brian Griese somehow is wanted. I can’t explain it either. There may be more on this later, if I can work up the fragile mental state to do it. [St. Petersburg Times]

The Ping’s The Thing – If you’d like to catch up with college bats before Omaha rolls around, Brian Foley does it well, reading some of his entries. [College Baseball Blog]

MLB Limits Online Coverage By Non-MLB Outlets – Shock and awe, really — a sport once again limiting media output. [Deuce of Davenport]

A Slightly Bizarre Bet – Joel Pryzbilla of the Blazers made an odd bet with his trainer if he gets through the NBA season healthy. Just read it for yourself. [The Fan’s Attic]


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