Short Notes On College Hoops

Arizona is probably going to miss the tournament save a very deep run in the Pac-10 tournament — and losing a very, very close game to UCLA was really the last thing the Wildcats needed.  Obviously, most teams in college hoops don’t have a way to really body up on Kevin Love, but the Wildcats don’t have enough talent on the floor to match up in a conference with one stand-out team and a few other good ones crowding for space (Arizona State, Wazzu, USC) and tourney bids.   The program may be in transition, and it needs a solid post player to go with it next season.

Tennessee ekes out a needed victory over a surprisingly resilient Kentucky squad, one without Patrick Patterson — and while it does give us a glimpse of how the Vols were able to bounce back, I’m a bit more impressed with the work Kentucky is doing after such a tough start to the season.  Billy Clyde Gillispie will be okay in Lexington — if he keeps being competitive now, wait until more of his recruits come in to town.

Is getting blown out by 29 points merely a blip or a harbinger for Indiana? The recent chain of events in Bloomington doesn’t necessarily point to anything good in that regard, but considering that this is the Big Ten we are talking about, the Hoosiers have enough talent to get over, if not actually being a Final Four threat.  The Spartans just came out hot early and got so far in front that it wasn’t ever really close.

Al Skinner has a habit of confusing me and other viewers with his Boston College teams. How do you have Tyrese Rice scoring 34 in the first half and only get the ball back in his hands for 12 more in the second — and then get no help from the teammates in terms of picking up the slack when UNC starts getting wise and putting more guys on him?

Rick Barnes’ Texas teams are always good for a few losses to in-state rivals on the road — so to anyone with any sense of the Longhorns, losing to Texas Tech is not a shock because not only did the Red Raiders get aggressive after losing by 44 in the previous game, but because there were a few Texas players who played down to the Raiders early (D.J. Augustin not being one, obviously).

The Hoyas don’t look quite as strong to me right now as they did at this time last year (losing Jeff Green will do that to you), but pulling out that victory against Marquette in OT has only reinforced a personal belief (and slight bias) that they will be the Big East tourney winners.

The Michael Beasley show can’t work every night, and going into Lawrence and getting a beatdown is proof of it, no matter how much he scores. Sadly, K-State is a two-man team with not a whole lot else there.

You may say Duke rallied to win against NC State on Saturday; I just thought it was a nice choke job by the Wolfpack.

Jim Boeheim could have gone Mike Gundy on his young Syracuse players and the refs in that loss to Pitt on Saturday and no one would have blamed him at all.

Photo: AP/John Miller


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  2. I have to agree with your thoughts on Arizona. Bracketologists have penciled them in their bracket, solely on their #1 SOS and high RPI numbers, but they don’t tell the story of a team that’s 7-9 in conference. Their 17-12 mark isn’t too impressive, either. They gotta get a sweep of the Oregon schools, and win two games in the Pac 10 tourney to get in.

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